Streams of Mercy

The medical officer in Masafu, Uganda is  setting up a fully functioning clinic  which can treat the orphans and also supply

medicines to  treat some prisoners and supply other prison in the Streams of Mercy catchment areas.

When a  successful clinicis functioning, in time it may also be able to generate some funds for the NGO  Streams of Mercy Africa. 

We have been able to purchase various medicines  required from a medical supply company that will ship  inexpensive drugs out for us.

And we have also shipped out  a variety of equipment  purchased from the same company.

It maybe that some of the remaining needed  items may be available from clinics or hospitals in the UK where they are surplus to requirements or are being replaced by newer models but are still functional.  

Any help is this direction will be gratefully received.  

The equipment already supplied  is as follows:

  • Microscope,
  • blood pressure machines both digital and manual,  
  • stethoscopes pediatric size,
  •  glucometers
  • hemoglobin machine, 
  • thermometers digital,
  • ottoscope, oroscope, ophthalmoscope,   
  • kidney dishes and artery forceps ,
  • Autoclave,  
  • examination torches e.t.c.

The following items are still needed

  • wheel chairs,   ( 2sent but more needed)
  • drip stands,
  • trolleys,
  • portable ultrasound machine or a static ultrasound machine,
  • or anything else that might be useful- even duplicates of those in the above list.

If you would like to  make a donation either in money or in equipment please contact us.

 by phone - 02087703896  or email:  or

Some of the items already shipped out.