Streams of Mercy


London Crusader Chorale

An interdenominational Choir founded in 1929.

For 80 years the Gospel in word and song was taken into  Prisons in London and the South East,  and beyond.

Members were  committed Christians over 18 who had singing ability and were willing to attend prison appointments on Sunday mornings, and  weekly rehearsals. 

 A Newsletter was  produced annually.

This was a challenging ministry that the Lord  blessed.

Sadly with changing circumstances, we can no longer function as a choir. We have been ministering as a team leading prison services since 2010 but now in 2013 , having completed 80 years of prison ministry in the UK, It became the right time to cease the regular ministry.

Up until 2016 we ministered in one or two  prisons as a Streams of Mercy Team.  We held our final service at HMP Swaleside in August 2016  when we were well received and were given a card and a small gift each as a token of thanks for all  the years of ministry done by the LCC. 

The name London Crusader Chorale has now been official removed from the  name registered with the Charity Commission with a few relevant changes made to the constitution. So we are now just Streams of Mercy , keeping  the same registration number - 287915.

We praise  God for all the ministry  opportunities afforded to us over the years by prison chaplains, church leaders and those in charge of  residential homes.

We also praise God for the wonderful opportunities He has opened up for us in Africa . We pray for  His provision over the coming years, not only for the much needed finance but for people who are willing and able to take on mission work of various types in Africa.  If interested, please contact  or phone 0208 7703896.