Streams of Mercy

Medical And Other Needs

We have already indicated the need for medications to be purchased for prisoners, and we also had to help several of the pastors with medication for Malaria on the October mission.
But in one centre we noticed three cases of children with uncorrected talipes (club foot).


Treatment is available in Uganda and  we have now paid for these children to have treatment, which has been successful. The government took note of this and have agreed to pay for three more children to have corrective surgery.

 Pastor Jimmy wrote ' after the operation of two of our club feet  over the last three month the government has written to me and awarded ree operations for three more children. i have confirmed  that the Lord has called us into this ministry.  I am already back from Mbale where I  delivered the children. Their  operations begin in two weeks time, i only spent money for  transport,  all other expenses  were done by the government,'  

We praise God for this and for the success of the surgery. 


In ZAMBIA we were told of a 28 year old  man Chris - - a husband and father - who had a below knee amputation as a complication of Leprosy.
Streams of Mercy supplied him with a good pair of crutches and later paid for a Prosthesis which has changed his life.    -


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Streams of Mercy Nursery School


medical_needs_2.jpgPastor Paul has established a small church and a nursery school not too far from Masafu. He also ministers to many elderly people and organised the conference for the elderly. Streams of Mercy funds have purchased the cups and other utensils (which are used to give the children breakfast), the wooden benches that they are sitting on, and, outside, the foundations of good latrines that are needed. The bricks for building the latrine surround have also been paid for by SoM money.


It is with regret that we report that Pastor Paul Saala 'rested in the Lord'  on 14th June 2014.
While he has been 'promoted to Glory' and is rejoicing in his Lord and Saviour, he will be sorely missed by all who knew him here on Earth!

We pray that the work of the nursery school and his ministry to the elderly will be continued by a Pastor of the Lord's choosing.