Streams of Mercy

Ministry with the Proclaimer - 2012

Outside  the gates  of Kasapa Prison we  ministered  to the  prison officers using the Proclaimer, which is a solar powered  audio  Bible obtainable in many different tribal   languages from the Bible Society’s Faith comes by Hearing’,  and  ‘Hosanna ‘ in the USA.

We were fortunate to be given  two of these machines, one in the  Kiluba language and the other in Kiswahili. 

We were well received  by the officers and had a good  discussion about the Bible passage played to them.                                                              dscf5356.jpg

 We  gave food for both the  prisoners and the officers.

 We  also took  a  Proclaimer to a village and ministered to the people there.  One villager invited all the people using a loud hailer. 

The people  gathered together to listen to the Bible passage  played on the Proclaimer machine.