Streams of Mercy

Projects Needing Support in 2017

1. We need to finish the SoM centre in Masafu    The ground floor is in use for the vocational training (tailoring) class and as the SoM office, but it needs finishing - ie doors hung, walls plastered and painted,  floors tiled.  Then the seconds storey needs building. when that is done we need to provide solar power and the exterior needs the finishing tou=ches.

2. The  SoM  clinic has been  temporarily closed as the rent for the building, which only had 4  rooms, was becoming too high. A new premises has been found, a new build with 10 rooms at a lower rent than the previous building   It needs some finishing work done but any monies spent on this by SoM will be deducted from the rent, which is currently around £650 per annum  depending on the exchange rate at the time.

The building is further out from Masafu but is within easy reach of the medical officer’s home and is also near 3 Compassion International Orphans centres. These have been approached by SoM regarding the establishment of the clinic in their area and they are happy  to use the facilities for the children in their care as  it will be their nearest health facility, and they will pay for the medical services offered. This will help pay for the running expenses.   So we just need to find the first year’s rent, out of which the needed finishing will be done and the clinic can be opened.

3. We have a vision to provide a mobile clinic to visit the more remote areas.. This way medical problems can be detected earlier and treated more successfully, vaccinations can be offered and pregnant women can receive antenatal care. In this way the health of these more remote communities can be improved.    what is needed is a suitable vehicle and the necessary medical equipment.

4. We are hoping to provide a portable  Ultrasound Scanner. We have tried to  source one from hospitals in the UK where there may e one being upgraded, but so far with no success. So we hope to raise funds to purchase one from  a supplier that exports clinical items to Africa. we estimate this would cost between £3000 and £4000.

5. There is a great need in the mount Elgon Region of North East Uganda for a medical clinic and also a Mobile Clinic. There is no provision within easy reach of the inhabitants of the area. This means that in emergencies it can take  two hours or ore to get to the nearest hospital in Mbale, and it is not unknown for emergency patients or women in  labour to die on the way.   Land is available  form a villager willing to donate it but we need to raise funds for the building.  A Mobile clinic would need a good 4  wheel drive vehicle in this area to cope with the mountainous terrain.

6. The  current Streams of Mercy Vehicle is getting old and  frequently breaking down, so we really need to purchase a newer more reliable vehicle, preferably a 4 wheel drive.

7. 70% of those trained in tailoring have been able to set up in business or work for an employer. But there is a need to set up a micro finance system to help the remaining 30% who haven't the funds needed to set up their own business.

8. In DR Congo we are also needing to complete the building of the SoM  centre and also replace the SoM car which is also causing trouble as it too is getting older.

Basically there are six main areas of work that need material and financial support. 

  1. Work with HIV/AIDS orphans, Widows and Families with HIV/AIDS and the elderly 
  2. Aid for prisoners
  3. Schools and Sunday Schools
  4. Medical needs
  5. Transport
  6. Seeding income generating schemes (micro finance)

       Progress and other ongoing needs.

  • Radiant Love Care in Masafu (now Streams of Mercy)  near the Kenyan border, have ongoing needs in all these areas. They are a very well organised group working within the Christian Family International group of churches, and some Baptist Churches. They also have representatives from other local churches, including the Salvation Army, on their committee.  Since registering Streams of Mercy as a charity in Uganda Radiant Love care is now included as SoM.
  • Their vision is to work towards self sufficiency and are already involved in raising chickens (they have an incubator, solar panel and battery but need a second battery before the system can be properly used.
  • A piggery is now functional and producing pigs which are sold when they reach  a suitable size. 
  • Pastor Jimmy raised many chickens  and gave some to  the  families who were caring for orphans to provide eggs.  Some are also sold to provide income.  Recently Jimmy has sold all of his chickens  to purchase  a solar powered  incubator and will be starting over raising chicken again. 
  • Several orphans have been provided with a goat.
  • An orchard of Mangos and other fruit has been planted and now produces  fruit  which can be sold in the market..
  • Tools with a Mission have allocated 20 sewing machines, some carpentry sets, a welding kit, knitting machine and various other items for use in vocational training both for the orphans and prisoners. We have paid the shipping cost . The tools were shipped in March2011, have now been received, and the import taxes have been paid. (Shipping cost £640  and import taxes and handling a further £378) .Vocational training has been started with some of the older orphans  in tailoring.   Further machines were sent  out on containers in 2012,2013,2014 amd 2015. This was in collaboration with Friends of Teso who sold us some space on their container which went to Soroti.  As they have now ceased sending containers we are aiming to fill and fund a 20 foot container just for Streams of Mercy and have collected  many useful items so far . Revive and Thrive have again supplied a lot of tools and sewing machines and we have even been able to fulfil the request we had for a knitting machine having now obtain not just one but three!  We ope te funds will be avalable to ship this container before the end of 2016.
  • A vehicle was purchased  in January 2012 for the ministry. Pastor Jimmy now has obtained his driving licence and so the ministry will be greatly helped.
  • A motocycle was provided for the Archdeacon in the Lwangosya diocese to enable him to more easily reach the 111 parishes in his care.
  • Land has been  purchased to build a Streams of Mercy Centre - this will provide an office, some accommodation and classrooms for vocational training.  The ground floor is now completed to a level where it can be put to use although there is still work to be  done internally and externally. Funds are still  needed for building materials etc. for the completion of the ground floor, constriction of the upper floor and paving and securing the site with a surrounding wall.  We also now have a bore hole on site. We also need funds to provide solar power.
  • Sponsor the Orphans.  We have used the plural because there are many orphans in each centre and it seems unfair to select out individual children for sponsorship. What we prefer is to be able to give a regular income to those groups so that all the children benefit.  What you can specify is which group you would like to support.  Wherever we have gone in Uganda we find Pastors and churches seeking to help with the care of orphan children –usually due to the HIV/Aids epidemic.   A donation of £10 or £20 per month can help these centres feed the children and provide for other basic needs.
  • Currently (2017)  there is a food crisis and SoM Uganda  has been providing some communiies with food aid
  •  Radiant Love Care in Masafu was based on 6 churches, each with a Pastor and at least 10 volunteers to help with placing children in suitable homes and monitoring their care.  2 of these  centres have now been sponsored by Compassion International, but Radiant Love  ( now SoM) still has responsibility of the care of over 300 orphans.

     Namanyago Aids Intervention Project and Orphanage look after about 75 orphans and also do good work in HIV/AIDS education, reducing stigma and encouraging best home care.  Funds are needed for basic feeding and scholastic materials. In the long term they hope to buy land to build a proper school as at present they meet in a small church building.

     Brother Robert Emasu of Amurea Orphanage, NorthernUganda, looks after about 50 orphans in a very small building. We noticed they were sleeping on bare concrete floors and bought papyrus sleeping mats to improve their situation a little. But funds are needed for basic feeding, clothing  and scholastic materials.

     Streams of Mercy Nursery School, was  first set up  by Pastor Paul Saala with 47 children, many of them orphans, and SoM provided funds for benches, plastic cups and building of a latrine. Pastor Paul has since died and the nursery school relocated to another site. We are sending out play equipment and educational toys and other items to equip this and other SoM nursery schools which have been started on three  other sites.

     Please contact us if you would like to sponsor any  of this work to support the orphans.


  • In DR Congo land has been purchased for a  Streams of Mercy  re- integration centre. A well has been done on the land to provide water for the making of bricks using soil from the termite hill on the site.  The centre will provide an office, accommodation and classrooms/workshops for vocational training. Pastor Israel also hopes to train some ex prisoners in evangelism to enable them to help with the ongoing ministry in prisons.  He has already hosted 3 ex prisoners in his home for three months  to disciple them and train them in evangelism and has sent them to do prison ministry in Kamina which is a long way from Lubumbashi. The centre is half completed and Pastor Israel and is family  of 8 children are currently living in 3 rooms there for security and to reduce their living expenses as the pastor has no visible means of support - he is living by faith.


  • In Zambia we have paid for a consignment of sewing machines and carpentry tools to be sent with Tools with a mIssion. We have also sendt out musical instruments on a container sent by the Christian African Relief Trust (CART) who are based in Huddersfied, Uk.  SoM Zambia hope to run concerts to raise funds for the work.SoM Zambia is now registered as an NGO in Zambia.


  • In Western Kenya Pastor Charles  and an SoM team are  continuing with the prison ministry, taking the Gospel and material aid to a number of prisons in the  region.  Laurie and Janis spent most  our 2016 mission in Western Kenya .   Several needs arose.

    1. The need to provide nursery facilities for the children of women  prisoners. ( Children can stay in the prison with their parent up to the age of 4 so this would be a vita provision for these innocents)

    2. SoM has been given two pieces of land.  One is for the building of an SoM centre which will provide facilities to offer o]accommodation and training facilities to ex prisoners.  in particular there is a need for some help and support  for those ex prisoners who for various reasons cannot return to their home communities.      The other land is part of a mountain near the Ugandan border and there is vision to make this into a prayer mountain, with a  building  at    the base to hold conferences etc and prayer caves and sites for tents to be made available higher up the mountain.

            Any donations towards  any of these projects will be much appreciated.  There are now  facilities on this website to  donate.

           If you would like to do some fundraising for us that would also be appreciated.

  • If you are a UK tax payer your donation   can be gift aided.  

    Thank you very much  in advance for your interest and help.