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More ministry to refugees

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28 August
Aug 28
28th August 2017

17th to 21st August Team off to refugees camp Pagirinya for  two day mission .  Just excited for serving the Lord with what we have. Matthew 25: 34 - 40   “Then the King will say .... ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.   For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you cl...

Meeting the refugee children

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10 August
Aug 10
10th August 2017

  Jimmy is now back from the refugees camp. He had good day interacting with lovely Sudanese children it was great meeting them  again. He will next  meet them on 17th ...

Progress inthe Refugee Camp Gardens

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10 August
Aug 10
10th August 2017

 Pastor Jimmy spent the night In Soroti on his  way to the refugees camp to look at the vegetables gardens to  see how they are fairing,. The vegetables are harvested, dehydrated and kept in baskets for future use #Joseptechnology# ...

Equipping a community for the Jospeh Project

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9 August
Aug 9
9th August 2017

Pastor Jimmy - Just finished equipping pastors on Joseph technology, distributed maize seeds for planting this season in Namayingo district #nolackofoodinpastorshouse# on my way to SOROTI .  Kasadha John - It  was a good moment sharing and learning MAIZE agronomy. Thanks Streams of Mercy for the empowerment.  ...

Kenyans donate clothes for refugees

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2 August
Aug 2
2nd August 2017

Time for sorting clothes offered for the refugees, thank you CFCI KAYOLE NAIROBI  - Pastor  Benson Oundo for the heart to serve, We are now sorting and packing looking to rejoicing with the poor children and caregivers on 17th August.    ...

Child healed

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19 July
Jul 19
19th July 2017

  We saw this child in one  of our centres  in Uganda during our mission in 2016.                                Child's condition before treatment -  February 2016   Pastor Jimmy sent a photo and  details to a doctor  friend of his requesting  intervention . The  child's  father gave  us land for church planting instead of selling it  to  pay for  the treatment.   Above  - The family ( before treatment)  Below - the boy  after treatment...

News from India

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12 July
Jul 12
12th July 2017

NEWS FROM PASTOR PAULVEERU, ANDRHA PRADESH, INDIA During the month of  June and July , we have ministered among the tribal villages, and visited the homes of  our pastors and brought encouragement to church believers, old age home, orphanage children, Rag pickers  and praying for sick people,  reaching out  to unreached places preaching the  Word of God .   Village ministry :   in our village   where  my mother lives,  Banjara people are coming to worship God every Sunday  in ...

An encouraging result and gift of land at the refugee camp!

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8 July
Jul 8
8th July 2017

  Encouraging news of  good result from the latest Uganda mission from Captain Alfred Wafula I would like to let you know that the prison mission that you carried out in Bubulo Prison, Manafwa has born good fruits. One of the inmates that we ministered to looked for us after his term in prison and invited us to open a Salvation Army church on his farm. We have 48 members in that Church. Glory be to God.  We are currently looking for materials to construct a shelter for the worshippers. G...


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5 June
Jun 5
5th June 2017

In DR CONGO we need  £1100 to complete the roof on the Streams of Mercy Centre.  Pastor Israel is living in it with his family and  as the weather is getting colder the whole roof needs to be finished. In UGANDA we need £650 to pay the first year's rent on the new building for the Streams of Mercy Clinic. and  £350 to compete  a poultry project. Any donations towards these needs will be very gratefully received.  Please use the Donation button on the home page.  Many thanks in anticipation.  ...

Pastor Israel's Angola Mission

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1 June
Jun 1
1st June 2017

From 20th April to 15th May Pastor Israel was in Angola on a mission  with a Pastor there. They  ministered in 4 prisons. Responses were as follows. Lwena Prison               25 Saurimu  Prison           18 Bengela  Prison            20 Luanda   Prison            30 In addition they ministered in 6 churches nd a total of  70 people came to the Lord. In ministry to the elderly 25 old people came to the Lord including 1 couple both 75 years of age.  We praise God for these results and thank Pastor Israel for being willing to go to Angola without us as we had been unable to undertake a mission there this year.  ...

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