Streams of Mercy

Streams of  Mercy 

We are a Christian charity with a caring ministry to orphans, prisoners, and others in need overseas.  Our present work is mainly in Africa working with HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda, and prisoners in Uganda, DR Congo, Kenya and Zambia.

The ministry in Africa came about when a member of the London Crusader Chorale invited us to join him on a mission team to Uganda.  The Africans learned that we had been involved in prison ministry in the UK with the London Crusader Chorale and asked us to minister in their prisons. This ministry was successful and much appreciated and we were asked to go back again and again.  The work has now expanded into DR Congo, Kenya and Zambia.

The London Crusader Chorale ministered in prisons in the UK for over 80 years but this ministry has now closed as circumstances changed. But the work in Africa is its lasting legacy and has expanded from prison ministry to working with orphans, refugees and other vulnerable groups,  giving both humanitarian aid and spiritual support.  Its motto in Africa is ‘Combating Vulnerability’.

We have a number of projects  in Uganda, DR Congo and Kenya which are either in progress or which we would like to undertake when we have the necessary funding.  These are projects which will be of great help to many vulnerable people - orphans, the sick, the poor, and the ex-prisoners who want to obtain skills to enable them to live an honest and productive life in the community.  They are also projects which will help the people in Africa to become self sufficient.   Please see the sections of latest news and also the projects page.

Any support  received  is  much  appreciated and all funds given are used for the benefit of the needy in Africa.