Streams of Mercy


goteach.jpgGO TEACH is a Sunday School manual with visual aids and take home papers.

The lessons are presented in a way that can be used cross culturally.

They were well received in the Sunday School Workshops conducted by Streams of Mercy in Uganda in February 2010 and attended by  67 teachers from a number of different churches and representing over 5000 children from pre-school age to teens.

The producers have given us surplus materials  free of charge and we met the shipping costs .

We have sent 4 consignments  and well over 100 teachers have been equipped.

Each time materials have been received Pastor Jimmy has run a workshop. These have been very successful and have encouraged the teachers to meet together at regular intervals to plan and prepare their kessons.

Sadly the materials received on ur laterst container in 2015 will be the last. The GO TEACH organisation have changed the way the books are produced. They no lpnger date the books and take home papers. Rather they ae simply numbered ( 1,2,3 etc) and so are saleable in any year. Therefore there will no longer be a suplus which cannot be sold and have therefore in the past been gven to organisaions suca=h as ours to ship out to Africa.  

We hope that those who have been using these materials in Uganda will have learned enough to be able to  produce their own lesson plans and visual aids. It was always the vision of GO TEACH that eventually local Christians would be able to write  and possibly market their own teaching materials which would be more culturally relevant.