Streams of Mercy



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We visited the refugee camp in Adjumani, near the South Sudan  border.  Hundreds of women were queuing up for a month’s supply of food. We had taken several sacks of maize flour and Sugar, and this was measured out into various bowls and cups brought by the children – they were almost fighting  over it as they were very anxious to get it.  Many of the people have been there for 10 years or more and most of the children would have been born there and know no other life.   It was an emotional visit. Pastor   Jimmy tries to take a team to visit several times a year including Christmas, even though it is a long journey . This year  they provided  a meal for about 1000 children. They also take clothes and seeds (to encourage them to use what little piece of land they have around their huts or tents to grow vegetables, mainly greens, to give them some vitamins.




We were able to gather the children into the church and minister to them. A few adults joined them but most were too involved with getting their food. ( It was very dark in the church  hence the poor pictures.)

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